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truewhite Luce Teeth Whitening Set in Teal

truewhite Luce Teeth Whitening Set in Teal

$ 199.00

truewhite Luce is the future of teeth whitening, offering convenience, quality and the promise of a brighter smile and sparkling white teeth. Thanks to the innovative work of truewhite dental experts, the scientifically proven Luce technology is a trusted and effective treatment for brighter, whiter teeth. truewhite Luce works using a powerful blend of dental grade whitening gel activated by a high tech light emitting diode (LED) blue light beam, which is delivered directly to the teeth. Simple for use at home, truewhite Luce is convenient for removing even the toughest stains, such as coffee and tea, while adding a clean, healthy shine. The difference is noticeable after just one application and gets even better with each treatment.

  • Harnesses the power of innovative blue light emitting diode (LED).
  • Scientifically proven to whiten teeth
  • Whiter shades for teeth can be obtained with each treatment.
  • Dependable, simple and easy to use at home
  • Removes tea and coffee stains, yellowing and whitens teeth