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Mirai Nouva Beautiful Me Essentials Gift Set

Mirai Nouva Beautiful Me Essentials Gift Set

$ 317.00

There is a new generation of anti-aging technology that has generated much buzz in the ever-progressive beauty industry, and all the elements are included in this spectacular True Company Mirai Nouva Beautiful Me Essentials Gift Set. Beginning with a super cleansing facial scrub, using the revolutionary Mirai Facial Cleansing Brush then the liberal application of Nouva 2 is then added, which is a creamy, powerful anti-aging formula that reaches deep into the dermis. It stimulates collagen producing skin cells, increases elasticity, erases the effects of aging, such as stubborn lines and wrinkles and leaves your face glowing.

Mirai’s Cleansing Brush is noteworthy for its self-sanitizing properties, employing silicone brushes obliterating bacteria, unclogging pores and removing oils and impurities to leave skin pristine.

Fighting the effects of aging on skin requires the power of nature’s own anti-aging properties. True Company’s Nuova 2 blends an innovative skin care formula that harnesses the skin’s own natural healing power to repair troubling issues and restore a youthful radiance. In just days, skin is visibly improved, soft and supple as stubborn fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and shadows simply fade away. Nuova 2 is the newest and most exciting development in skin care by True Company for perfect results every time. A scientifically proven blend that includes trusted skin care ingredients like retinol, antioxidants, hexapeptide-11, panthenol and green tea extract brings new life to skin cells, reaching deeper levels of the dermis to restore health and youthful glow. You’ll notice the delightfully fresh scent the moment you open Nuova 2, and your skin will drink in the satiny feel of this superior anti-aging cream as you smooth it on. Adding Nuova 2 from True Company to your daily skin care regimen will truly be the best decision you’ll ever make to ensure youthful, refreshed and rejuvenated skin.