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truewhite whitening system - Your Premium At Home Whitening Solution
  • Newest innovation in the Dental Industry
    Innovative Silicone Bristles DO NOT retain bacteria
    Beautiful smart elegant design
    Nonporous silicone prevents bacteria build up
    Virtually a Self Sanitizing All in one Toothbrush on its
    on without a separate Sanitation Unit
    Replace your brush head only ONCE yearly
    Quick 2-3 Minute Brush daily and nightly is all that's
    required to feel uber clean!
    Gentle Gum Massage Function
    Sonic care toothbrush technology reinvented after 70+ years
  • Thin and Thick silicone bristles for gentle and soft cleansing
  • One of the most innovative anti aging tools out in the market
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Unclogs pores, removes oil, and makeup
  • Makes skin feel more elastic and healthy
  • Uses the safest silicone that is compliant with all worldwide regulations
  • Rechargeable features. Just charge and go!
  • 2 Year Warranty